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c'est moi

September 2014



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Sep. 21st, 2014

c'est moi

Post Three Of Three

This is the longest post, and sorry, because I should have broken it down into more posts but I don't feel like it so whatever I wanted to share that wasn't shared in the two previous posts is going to get crammed in here. I'll be nice and LJ-cut it.
Abandon hope all ye who click hereCollapse )
Aaand there ya go. I'm sure I am forgetting things and will probably come back and edit and add them in, but it's no big deal really. Just wanted to put up a more comprehensive list of what's going on with me, for whatever it's worth. :)

c'est moi

Post Two Of Three

So I mentioned Facebook in the previous post. I'm there, and on other forms of social media as well (big surprise, huh?) Whether you're on Facebook or some other form of social media, if you're interested in keeping up, feel free to come find me*.

Social media:

Facebook profile


(I have my Facebook and Twitter connected. Sometimes I go onto the Twitter site and tweet directly from there, but not most of the time.)




*If I have ever butted heads with you on LJ or anywhere else, consider yourself not invited. It may seem silly for me to carry a grudge for this long, but at least one or two of you have not quit hurting me or damaging me in some way, and the rest haven't bothered with a full apology including acknowledgement of wrongs, which tells me that either I can't trust you now either, or that we will never be compatible as friends because our values are too fundamentally different. Your choice to leave it this late, not mine, so keep leaving it. Thanks.

c'est moi

Post One Of Three

Hi. I used to be on LiveJournal. I was most active from probably 2002 or 2003 until 2006 or so, and then I kept flirting with coming back over the next several years but just couldn't get up the motivation. I had to deal with a lot of drama here and then I decided I'd rather control my own blogging space anyway and THEN LiveJournal changed ownership hands several times and Facebook became A Thing and, well, there aren't nearly as many active people here now.

I still want to be able to totally control my blogging space which is why I still haven't come back here, even though people being Facebook-addicted now means there's much less potential for LJ drama.

I'm under my real name at Facebook. Some of you have shown up there already, hail and welcome, et cetera. As for the rest of you, I still peek in from time to time.

Oh and I have to have at least three posts here or LJ will delete my account, so I'm about to write two more. I'm a sentimental sap and want to keep this journal, what can I say?